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Scuba diving in raja ampat

Wednesday, July 18, 2012 · Posted in ,

Indonesia do have a very beauty diving place underwater world that is truly amazing called raja ampat, one of the most beautiful island of Papua, located on the Raja Ampat Islands, an island which is very beautiful and unspoiled by pollution.

The beauty of Raja Ampat marine biota clearly visible through the number of fish species that is so much ,which is reach thousands of species , as well as the beauty of the coral reef that reaches hundreds of types, this is why diving in Raja Ampat Islands is very pleasing.

With a population that is still very little, making the Raja Ampat as yet untouched by the outside world, residents here still looking for fish or fishing in a very traditional, so the coral reefs are very awake, and not damaged by human hands.

This is truly a beautiful paradise, see the blue ocean and coral reefs are in order, as well as the lives of people who are still very traditional, this is why the tourists both foreign countries, as well as local tourists happy to be in the Raja Ampat Islands.

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