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Pelabuhan Ratu Beach-West Java Indonesia

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Pelabuhan Ratu Beach, or more popular as the Queen of Beaches Port, is a resort on the Indian Ocean on the south coast of West Java. It is located about 60 km to the south of Sukabumi.

This beach is known to have a very strong waves and is therefore dangerous to swimmers beach. Topography of the combination of steep and gently sloping beaches, steep cliffs, pounding surf and forest nature reserve.

Because this place has its own appeal, the President established the retreat in 1960 in the Official Tenjo. In addition, at the initiative of Sukarno also founded Ocean Beach Hotel, one of the first luxury hotel built in Indonesia at the same time with the Hotel Indonesia, Bali Beach Hotel, and Convenience Stores "Sarinah", all of which use the funds from Japan's war reparations

In addition to large and luxurious hotel Ocean Beach Hotel, in this area there are also a number of small hotels and inns, cottage resort villa resort is one of the best-selling luxury of enough tourists. Not far from the beach Palabuhanratu there are several other tourist locations. Karanghawu beach, which is located about 20 km from

Palabuhanratu city center, a coral beach that juts into the sea and the holes in some parts of it. Corals form more like the furnace, in Sundanese called "Hawu". Other beaches are located in this area include the Coast Cibareno, Cimaja, Cibangban, Break Water, Citepus, Kebon Kelapa, and Tenjo Official.

Approximately 17 miles of beach there Palabuhanratu hot springs in Cisolok, where the water contains a high sulfur and useful for health.

Palabuhan ratu around, there are at least nine points for surfing locations, namely the Stone Guram, Karang Sari, Ocean Beach, Cimaja, Karang Haji, Indicator, Sunset Beach, Waves Edge Seven to tile. Each beach has waves with its own characteristics.

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wisata Bandung - Gedung Sate

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Gedung sate, with his trademark ornamentation skewers on a central tower, has long been a marker or landmark Bandung is not only known to the public in West Java, Indonesia but also throughout the building was used as a model even a sign to some buildings and signs of in West Java. For example, the shape of the building front Tasikmalaya Railway Station. Built in 1920, the white building is still standing strong, elegant, and now serves as the seat of government buildings in West Java.

Gedung sate is on the Dutch East Indies is called Gouvernements Bedrijven (GB), laying the first stone by Johanna Catherina Coops, eldest daughter of the Mayor of London, B. Coops and Petronella Roelofsen, representing the Governor-General in Batavia, JP Graaf van Limburg Stirum on July 27, 1920, is the result of a planning team consisting of Ir.J.Gerber, a young architect famous graduates of the Faculty of Engineering Delft Netherlands, Ir. Eh. De Roo and Ir. G. Hendriks and van Bandoeng Gemeente party, headed by Col.. Pur. VL. Slors involving 2000 workers, 150 of them were a sculptor, or a tombstone carver bongpay and wood carver from Chinese nationals Konghu or Cantonese, assisted by masons, coolies and stir the waiter who came from the village population Sekeloa, small hole Dago village, Kampung Gandok and Kampung Cibarengkok, which they previously worked on Gedong shingles (ITB Campus) and Gedong flat (Bandung City Hall).
Gedung sate (ca.1920-28)

During the period of four years in September 1924 successfully completed the construction of the main building Gouverments Bedrijven parent, including the headquarters of PTT (Postal, Telephone and Telegraph and the Library.

Sate Building architecture is the work of architect Ir. J.Gerber and his group are not independent of the input maestro Peter Dr.Hendrik Dutch architect Berlage, that express the face of the traditional architecture of the archipelago.

Many among architects and building experts claim Gedung sate is a stunning elegant monumental buildings with unique architectural style architectural style leads to the form of Indo-European (Indo Europeeschen architectuur Stijl), so it is not impossible if the elegance of the Borobudur temple colored part Sate Building.
Tourism Indonesia Heaven on Earth

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Favorite Tourism Indonesia in Asia

Monday, April 2, 2012

Indonesia was ranked the third week of tourism visits category in Asia or the Go Asia Award 2012 in the International Tourism Exchange (Internationale Tourismus Borse / ITB), 7-11 March 2012 in Messegelande, Berlin. The first and second position is occupied Thailand and Singapore.

Minister of Tourism and the Creative Economy, Mari Elka Pangestu said Indonesia welcomed the positive achievements at the ITB Berlin this year. Let's say, this momentum must be maintained so that the target of 8 million tourist arrivals to Indonesia can be achieved.

"ITB Berlin is the right platform for the promotion of Indonesian tourism. From the results achieved this year, we will conduct an evaluation before determining the promotional strategy for the next year. Competition between countries and tourist destinations because it's getting tougher now we should be more careful and focused in Indonesia to promote competitive advantage, "said Mari, as reported by Reuters reporters Pingkan Elita Dundu of Berlin on Tuesday (13/03/2012).

Next year, obviously Mari, Indonesia will be the Official Partner Country ITB Berlin. "In order to achieve more optimal results, the preparation will be done from now," added Mari.

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