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Bandung - Parijs Van Java

Bandung is the largest metropolitan city in West Java at once became the capital of the province. The town is located 140 km southeast of Jakarta, and is the third largest city in Indonesia after Jakarta and Surabaya. While in Bandung Raya is the second largest metropolitan area in Indonesia after the Greater Jakarta. In this historic town, established a technical college in Indonesia (Technische Hoogeschool, now ITB) [2], the scene of battle in time of Independence, and had been a venue for the Asian-African Conference 1955, a meeting that voiced the spirit of anti-colonialism , even the Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru in his speech said that Bandung is the capital of Asia and Africa.

In 1990 the city became one of the safest cities in the world by Time magazine survey.

The city flower is another name for this city, and formerly known as the Parijs van Java. In addition, the city of Bandung is also known as the town shopping, with malls and factory outlets widely spread in the city. And in 2007, the British Council makes the city of Bandung as a pilot project terkreatif town as East Asia. Today, the city of Bandung is one of the main destinations of tourism and education.

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