The Jailolo Bay Festival 2011: Journey through the Heart of West Halmahera

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Following two previous successful events, the Government of West Halmahera will this year again present the Festival Teluk Jailolo or Jailolo Bay Festival 2011 from 14th to 18th May, 2011. Jailolo or Gilolo are other names given by the inhabitants to the island known as Halmahera in the province of North Maluku.

Colourful cultural events will be staged in an aesthetic package of shows. As in previoius years the ‘theater on the sea’, called the Cabaret on the Sea will be the highlight, performed on a floating stage. This year’s theme is: “Journey Through the Heart of West Halmahera”. Visitors are sure to enjoy some of the highlights of the island, which include the Cakalele, Soya-soya, Legu Sarai, the musical of Yanger, Tataruba, Sara Dabi-dabi, and Horum Sasadu, as well as the grand culinary event where all are invited to join the feast for free.

The Jailolo Festival will commence with an opening ceremony at the Jailolo Bay on May 14th afternoon, followed by a rowing and swimming competition the next day. On the 3rd and 4th day, there will be a traditional feast where everybody is invited for free to join along with a fishing fiesta. On May 17th or the 5th day, the grand” Cabaret on the Sea” takes the stage and literally the sea, since the stage floats on the sea. On the last day of May 18th, there will be discussions on culture and a pageant of marine ambassadors.     

As the pinnacle of the event, the Cabaret on the Sea will be performed by 150 local students dressed in outrageous yet meaningful costumes. Some of them will look gracefully beautiful while others will look simply astounding. They will have prepared the cabaret for more than 3 months and practiced daily after school.  This coming May 17th, 2011, the presentation will be a love story of a princess and a jellyfish prince who fight destroyers of nature.

The sparsely populated island that is better known as Halmahera encompasses an area of 17,000 square kilometers. Here nature is exquisite which continues to inspire the festival each year. The Moslem and Christian population have jointly participated annually in a joyous and harmonious local festivity that has developed into an international event.

Jailolo or Gilolo is derived from the name of a king on Halmahera.  History recorded that back in 1692 William Dampier brought Prince of Giolo, son of the King of Moangis or Gilolo, to London.  Prince of Giolo was then became known as the ‘Painted Prince’, as he had a full-body tattoo that caught the attention of the entire population of London. This story is often more attractive than the historical data, since the prince himself in fact actually existed.

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