JAKARTA leads Indonesia in EARTH HOUR 2011: This Earth Hour goes beyond the Hour

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This year, Jakarta will again lead Indonesia in Earth Hour.   Earth Hour is to take place here today, Saturday, 26th March 2011 starting at 08.30 pm to 09.30 pm West Indonesia Time.  All lights and electric equipment at five of Jakarta’s landmarks and all government buildings will be switched off for one whole hour.  

Jakarta’s  famous Hotel Indonesia round about,  normally surrounded by brightly lit high rise hotels, malls, banks and businesses, as well as Jakarta’s icon, the National Monument , and other monuments in the city will be plunged  into darkness  during this massive world-wide movement to Save the Earth campaign.

“Our main goal is to implement this as a lifestyle, rather than just once a year event”, said Jakarta’s Governor Fauzi Bowo, who is also Ambassador for Earth Hour Indonesia, as reported by nationalgeographic.co.id. The “electricity off” hour will also be participated by other cities in Indonesia, including Bandung, Surabaya, Semarang, Yogyakarta and Bali.

Participating since 2009, the Earth Hour movement in Indonesia has emerged into a massive and considerable movement.  During Earth Hour all individuals, communities, business practitioners, government officials and virtually everyone is encouraged to turn off all lights and electric equipment.

Started in Sydney in 2007, when 2.2 million individuals and more than 2,000 businesses turned their lights off for one hour to take a stand against Climate Change, The Earth Hour has become a Global Sustainability movement  participated by over  50 million people across 35 countries and territories.

In an official www.earthhour.org global press release, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon led a host of world and civic leaders to support Earth Hour 2011 as a powerful symbol of a shared desire for a sustainable and secure future. “Let us join together to celebrate this shared quest to protect the planet and ensure human well-being. Let us use 60 minutes of darkness to help the world see the light”, stated Ban Ki-Moon.

It is also reported that Earth Hour 2011 has reached record participation, with 131 countries and territories registered to take part on all seven continents, with all G20 countries, thousands of cities, and iconic landmarks and public figures set to join with hundreds of millions across the world to celebrate action for the planet.  

In 2010 hundreds of millions of people across the world, in 4,616 cities, in 128 countries and territories took part in Earth Hour.  But switching off the lights is only the beginning. This year Earth Hour has asked people to go beyond the hour, and use Earth Hour to commit to an action, big or small, that each and everyone will sustain the earth for the future of our planet.

Said In simple words, let us celebrate Earth Hour as a brief moment to give back to Mother Earth what she has so abundantly provided us.  “COME ON, LET’S GIVE EARTH A BREAK”

Official Earth Hour Website: http://www.earthhour.wwf.or.id/eng/index.php

Source:  nationalgeographic.co.id, www.earthhour.org

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