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From April 25th to May 31st 2011, the National Museum in Jakarta will be the venue of a special exhibition featuring Indonesian and Chinese Cultures. Dedah Rufaedah Sri Handari,  Department  Head for Counseling and Publication of the National Museum said that the National Museum in cooperation with the Guangxi Museum of Nationalities in China have made all the necessary preparations for the exhibition.

“All exhibits have been prepared and coordinated with the Guangxi Museum in connection with this unique  exhibition” said Dedah as reported by

Colour and Uniqueness: Collaboration between National Museum of Indonesia and Guagxi Museum of Nationalities China is the theme chosen for the exhibition which will feature some of Indonesia's art forms that are influenced by Chinese culture. A number of the collections are taken from the National Museum itself, which include embroideries, traditional costumes, dragon motive jewelry, and Batik Lokcan.  There will also be historical items from the era of the great Majapahit kingdom, brought directly from  theTrowulan site in East java. The exhibition will also feature collections taken from the depth of the ocean, such as a valuable Chinese hand-held mirror, said Dedah.

Aside from exhibiting these special collections, the event will also feature performing arts that are influenced by Chinese culture, such as the Wayang Potehi or the Chinese puppet show. For the performances, Dedah said , these are being coordinating with many parties and organizations. “Wayang Potehi  is in fact of  Hokkien origin, the Chinese migrants who brought this art performance to Indonesia around the 16th to 19th century.

The Indonesia-China exhibition is held to share knowledge to the public about the diversity and the uniqueness of the process of acculturation in Indonesia. “We want to show our visitors just how rich are our cultures, including those that have received foreign influences. These are our historical legacies” said Dedah.

From Jakarta, the joint exhibition will be held at the Guangxi Museum of Nationalities in China in June 2011. The joint exhibition is then scheduled to be held in three other different cities in China.

The National Museum is known  to frequently hold special exhibitions in cooperation with other countries. On August, 2005, The National Museum in cooperation with the Museum van Volken (RMV) Kunde of Leiden, in the Netherlands also conducted a joint-exhibition featuring each country's most valuable collections. The event was then followed by an exhibition in the Netherlands.


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