An Exciting Extended Tour de Singkarak 2011 prepared

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The successful Tour de Singkarak held last year, will again be staged from 12th – 16th June, this year covering an extended route  of 813 km. taking in tough mountainous terrain over 12 of West Sumatra’s most scenic and culture-rich districts.

All 12 district heads in West Sumatra have declared their readiness and support for the Tour de Singkarak (TDS). This year, organizers also involve the Amaury Sport Organization (ASO) from France, most experienced in handling the Tour De France.

 DR. Sapta Nirwandar, Tourism Marketing Director General of the Ministry for Culture and Tourism stated that support from the 12 district authorities is in particular for the major race prizes. “Additionally, a number of facilities and infrastructural support for the event are also part of this commitment” said Sapta Nirwandar, who was accompanied by West Sumatra Governor, Irwan Prayitno, after  meeting  all participating district heads, reported

This year’s competition comprises seven stages across scenic and cultural terrain, passing 12 districts and cities in West Sumatra, covering a total distance of 813Km.

The first stage will take place entirely in and around the city of Padang, while the 2nd stage will cover the distance between Padang to Pariaman. Then on to the 3rd stage: from Pariaman to Bukittinggi, the 4th stage: from Bukittinggi to Payakumbuh, the 5th Stage:  Payakumbuh to Sawahlunto , the 6th A stage: from SawahLunto to Pagarruyung, the 6th B Stage: from Pagarruyung to Padang Panjang, and 7th or final stage: from Padang Panjang to Singkarak. These stages will pass through some of the most beautiful tourist destinations that include the Jam Gadang Clock Tower and the Sianok Gorge at Bukittinggi and for the finale the stunning Lake Singkarak.logo tds 2011

Meantime, reported that 225 bicycle racers have confirmed attendance comprising10 teams from Indonesia and 15 international teams.

The Tour De Singkarak 2011, which this year marks its third year has been included in the annual agenda of the International Bicycling Sport Organization or the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI). The UCI further supports TDS 2011, and endorses its worldwide promotion.

Combining Sports and Tourism, the Tour De Singkarak 2011 takes participants to an exciting adventure through the vast undulating countryside of West Sumatra. The tour will not only offer   fierce competition among racers but it is a chance to unveil all the hidden wonders from Padang all the way to Lake Singkarak.

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