Toba Lake and Samosir Island

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Toba Lake and Samosir Island
Lake Toba is a volcanic lake with a length of 100 kilometers and 30 kilometers wide, located in North Sumatra province, Indonesia. This lake is the largest lake in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. In the middle of this lake there is a volcanic island called Samosir Island.
Lake Toba has long been an important tourist destination in addition to Bukit Lawang, North Sumatra and Nias, attracting domestic and foreign tourists.
1. Transportation
If you prefer to go by public transport, you can Penang bus station trying to line that is the busiest terminal in Medan. I think a lot of buses available to reach Lake Toba ticket price of about IDR 30 000, - s / d IDR 40 000, -.

If you choose to stay on the field before going into Lake Toba, usually the hotel can also help regulate transportation to Disneyland with the tariff of IDR 50 000, - s / d IDR 70 000, - per person, depending on the type of car and number of people as well.
Another alternative is to take the train from the main railway station in the city Pematang Siantar toward the city of Medan. Once on Pematang Siantara, you can charter a taxi heading to Parapat with quote approximately
IDR 200 000, -.
Parapat town which nota bene is the gateway to Lake Toba achieved within approximately 4-5 hours from Medan when wearing rental car, but it may take longer if the public transport, could be around 5-6 hours.
There are two main routes to reach Lake Toba, the first is through the town of Berastagi the air is cool because it is located at an altitude of mountain, while the second route is the Field - High Ridge - Pematang Siantar - Parapat, where the second route is much shorter and public transport routes usually take second. Even so, the route. The first may also try if you happen to vacation time is long enough because staying a day in the city with the cool air Berastagi mountains also quite exciting. 

2. Tourism & Transport Attractions in Around Lake Toba
Arriving in the town of Parapat, you can simply walk down to the lake shore anywhere and will usually be a lot of crews that offer ferry services take you and your family to the island of Samosir in the middle of Lake Toba. Only, all the existing ferry operates like a public transportation without a fixed schedule and only want to leave if the number of passengers considered to have enough to cover costs, or if the helmsman already upset by the protests run out of patience waiting for passengers. So get ready just to wait a long time, especially when in season lonely tourist.

Travel water from Parapat to Samosir Island by ferry takes take about one hour and there's usually three villages on the island of Samosir routinely visited by travelers, ie, Tuk Tuk, Tomok and Tigaraja. Before leave, you should first check with the ferry crew goal dismissal on the island of Samosir.
The main attractions on the island of Samosir is a tribal cultural heritage Toba Batak of the kings of ancient, traditional houses and several important ornaments in Toba Batak culture. You can hire a local guide at the rate of approximately
IDR 30 000, - s / d IDR 50.000, - when needed. In the villages where the population more, you can buy souvenirs in the form of fabric or crafts Ulos Another typical Toba Batak.
On the island of Samosir is almost no public transport. So if you going around the island, the only alternative to possible is to hire a motorcycle with a price of about
IDR 70 000, - s / d IDR 80 000, - per day. Only, remember to always be careful to bring a vehicle on the island of Samosir because the street Samosir island is so small that only seemed quite impassable by a car. In addition, you should not drive at night because completely dark streets of the total absence of street lighting. General lighting can only be found in residential locations many of its inhabitants.
Samosir Island is a small island with a population that rarely, so for you who seek frenzied atmosphere of a typical urban, then advised not to spend too long on the island Samosir. Average travelers who choose to stay on the island of Samosir for the long term are those who want to relax or the cultural observers who are interested in Toba Batak culture.
If you bring the rental car, rental car can also be taken crossing to Samosir Island by ferry departing from the large Ajibata port in Parapat. If a small ferry, there is usually no fixed schedule, a large ferry operates according to fixed schedule and enough timely. To take across the car, you only need to buy tickets for car and passengers at the ticket counter. 

3. Accommodation
Parapat is packed with tourist town with many hotels and resorts, from the same class up to the inn five stars. Parapat time is like a tourist town without the tourists, because tourists who visit less and less from year to year. For that, do not be surprised if hotel party in the smallness like to take advantage of opportunities with peg the price of an expensive room and was impressed not worth remembering age of the average hotel is quite old with the facilities already not updated in years.
Too many choices for Parapat hotels, but do not expect The new hotel since almost all hotels are aged over 10 years as it builds on the golden era of tourism in Lake Toba 80s and early 90s. Negotiations for a cheap price made compulsory.
In contrast, the accommodation on the island of Samosir in fact impressed quite cheap. I could recommend is the Hotel Carolina, a hotel small resort located in the Tuk Tuk. Although quite old, but the environment and the hotel facilities are still relatively well preserved, and most importantly the price is very affordable. My last stayed at this hotel around the beginning of the year 2006, and room rates are approximately Rp. 150 000, - per night. If you happen to ferry rode it will stop at Tuk Tuk, it can ask the captain to reduce you and your immediate family at the hotel dock. 

4. Food
The main tribes who inhabited the region is Lake Toba Batak Toba Protestant Christians, so the food is usually typical Toba Batak contain, excuse me, b * b *. Only if you stay at the hotel, usually also available foods that are suitable for domestic travelers domestic from anywhere.
Of course, the choice of food in the town of Parapat is more varied, Toba Batak from typical food to complete all Chinese Food. But on the island of Samosir too many restaurants that are quite unique who regularly visited by foreign tourists for dining, from Vegetarian Food Western Food up, everything is still not too hard to find.

One thing I always remember the fun that is when the vehicle began approaching the city of Parapat. Vast expanse of Lake Toba in the distance to the cliff or the top of the cloud-covered hill directly will make a fixed view, and often too seductive eyes sedetikpun together to divert attention. Incredible beautiful and the average first-time visitors who would visit fascinated.
If you enjoyed photography, a visit to Lake Toba is certain will not be sorry to remember a truly stunning beauty. It is most unfortunate is the efforts of local government or local governments are almost nil to make the tour of Lake Toba re living like in the golden age in the 80s and early 90s. Investing new hotel or tourist attraction almost nothing and Festival Lake Toba which is always the main attraction of this place too conducted perfunctory. Let alone speak to the promotion abroad, promotion within the country to attract domestic tourists it almost does not exist.
Lake Toba is ironic fate now meningat tourism potential landscape that is so wonderful. Lucky can not be achieved, poor can not be rejected, ouch!

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