Tanjung Setia beach

Wednesday, May 11, 2011 · Posted in , ,

Tanjung Setia Bea is the coast of Cape Coast in the west coast of Lampung, Lampung. This beach is located exactly at Pekon Tanjung Setia, South Coast District, West Lampung District, Lampung.
High waves in Cape Coast was crowned as the beach Setia Corrugated world's third best by the surfers of the world. For surfers they can snaking down the long wave. Every now and then he moves up to the waves and quickly dip.

This area is famous for its waves height and became one of the world's highest wavy beach so coveted foreign surfers. Wave height of the beach facing the Indian Ocean, can reach seven meters with a wavelength of 200 meters on the south monsoon (May to October). No less than 100 thousand foreign tourists, such as Spain, the United States, Australia, Portugal, and Holland to come here every year.

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