Sawarna Beach and Village

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Sawarna is a village located in the southern part of Banten Province is located in the district Bayah precisely. In the village Sawarna many potential tourist objects that have not been on good governance. There were two beach carrying potential of international tourism there. Manuk Island beach located west of the village still has not seen a serious effort as a leading tourist area.
Besides beaches, there are also areas Sawarna rock karst (limestone), which also determines the formation of Sawarna area was also a deep mystery. Noted there are several caves that can be crawled in there like: Lalay Cave, Cave and Cave Camaul Kadir. Most caves that exist in Sawarna is karst cave (limestone) from the early Miocene.
Sawarna beach still looks natural because it is still rarely visited by tourists, both local and foreign tourists. Natural scenery surrounding the village is very beautiful and ingah Sawarna once.
Transportation: Ifyou would be to Sawarna from Jakarta, there are two alternative land routes. If you are further advised to bring a private car through the west path. You go Rangkasbitung, then continue southward until they reached the town Malingping and turned eastward through a series of scenic coastal road on the left and combined with a verdant agricultural fields on the right road.
Once you arrive at Market Bayah advised to entrust the car, because this existing route is only suitable for transport by jeep bergardan four villages.
If you are taking public transportation, better from Jakarta to Bogor Terminal and proceeded to ride the bus to the Terminal Port of the Queen. From Port Queen continues to ride the bus three-quarters Bayah Market.
after arriving at the Market Bayah, travel forwarded to the Village Sawarna using a special jeep used as a means of land transportation. You will enjoy the beautiful scenery along the driveway. Beginning with a series of charming seaside regions.
hotel facilities, tourists can choose to stay. However, for the Sawarna, the nuance is different. For tourists who stay overnight will be served by four inns, including the Inns Chlara, Widi, and Batara. Problem rental costs are also relatively affordable, for example, in Saung Chlara, each head collected USD 80 thousand for lodging plus three meals.
For places to stay menginapnya choose, like in the inn or at Saung. The difference is, the first regular-shaped permanent homes, while the second, in the form of houses on stilts with woven bamboo walls and wooden floors. Saung relative distance from the shore more closely, about 200 meters. Uniquely, for reaching saung, we have to cross a suspension bridge beneath which flows the river to the estuary on the coast Sawarna.

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