Indrayanti Beach

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INDRAYANTI is a beach in Yogyakarta, East Sundak precisely, Tepus, Wonosari, Gunung Kidul. Indrayanti coast is still relatively new in yogyakarta beach when I visit there was not as busy as nearby beaches such as beach Sundak, Baron, Krakal, KRUKUP or Wedi Ombo.
The trip to the beach yogyakarta INDRAYANTI if taken from approximately 2 hours. But it paid off a long distance trip with the beauty that is at the beach this INDRAYANTI, clean expanse of white sand, not a lot of trash and rocks that loomed with a solid is one characteristic of this beach. The beauty of this beach is also not inferior to the existing beaches dibali.

The facilities there include:

* Cottage Lodging
* 4 Bathrooms
* Gazebo - Gazebo
* Cottage Stage

In this beach you can play on scout jetsky and by people who are professional. So for those of you who want to find new places does not hurt you visit this beach and enjoy the beauty INDRAYANTI.

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