Scuba diving in raja ampat

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Indonesia do have a very beauty diving place underwater world that is truly amazing called raja ampat, one of the most beautiful island of Papua, located on the Raja Ampat Islands, an island which is very beautiful and unspoiled by pollution.

The beauty of Raja Ampat marine biota clearly visible through the number of fish species that is so much ,which is reach thousands of species , as well as the beauty of the coral reef that reaches hundreds of types, this is why diving in Raja Ampat Islands is very pleasing.

With a population that is still very little, making the Raja Ampat as yet untouched by the outside world, residents here still looking for fish or fishing in a very traditional, so the coral reefs are very awake, and not damaged by human hands.

This is truly a beautiful paradise, see the blue ocean and coral reefs are in order, as well as the lives of people who are still very traditional, this is why the tourists both foreign countries, as well as local tourists happy to be in the Raja Ampat Islands.

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Pelabuhan Ratu Beach-West Java Indonesia

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Pelabuhan Ratu Beach, or more popular as the Queen of Beaches Port, is a resort on the Indian Ocean on the south coast of West Java. It is located about 60 km to the south of Sukabumi.

This beach is known to have a very strong waves and is therefore dangerous to swimmers beach. Topography of the combination of steep and gently sloping beaches, steep cliffs, pounding surf and forest nature reserve.

Because this place has its own appeal, the President established the retreat in 1960 in the Official Tenjo. In addition, at the initiative of Sukarno also founded Ocean Beach Hotel, one of the first luxury hotel built in Indonesia at the same time with the Hotel Indonesia, Bali Beach Hotel, and Convenience Stores "Sarinah", all of which use the funds from Japan's war reparations

In addition to large and luxurious hotel Ocean Beach Hotel, in this area there are also a number of small hotels and inns, cottage resort villa resort is one of the best-selling luxury of enough tourists. Not far from the beach Palabuhanratu there are several other tourist locations. Karanghawu beach, which is located about 20 km from

Palabuhanratu city center, a coral beach that juts into the sea and the holes in some parts of it. Corals form more like the furnace, in Sundanese called "Hawu". Other beaches are located in this area include the Coast Cibareno, Cimaja, Cibangban, Break Water, Citepus, Kebon Kelapa, and Tenjo Official.

Approximately 17 miles of beach there Palabuhanratu hot springs in Cisolok, where the water contains a high sulfur and useful for health.

Palabuhan ratu around, there are at least nine points for surfing locations, namely the Stone Guram, Karang Sari, Ocean Beach, Cimaja, Karang Haji, Indicator, Sunset Beach, Waves Edge Seven to tile. Each beach has waves with its own characteristics.

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wisata Bandung - Gedung Sate

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Gedung sate, with his trademark ornamentation skewers on a central tower, has long been a marker or landmark Bandung is not only known to the public in West Java, Indonesia but also throughout the building was used as a model even a sign to some buildings and signs of in West Java. For example, the shape of the building front Tasikmalaya Railway Station. Built in 1920, the white building is still standing strong, elegant, and now serves as the seat of government buildings in West Java.

Gedung sate is on the Dutch East Indies is called Gouvernements Bedrijven (GB), laying the first stone by Johanna Catherina Coops, eldest daughter of the Mayor of London, B. Coops and Petronella Roelofsen, representing the Governor-General in Batavia, JP Graaf van Limburg Stirum on July 27, 1920, is the result of a planning team consisting of Ir.J.Gerber, a young architect famous graduates of the Faculty of Engineering Delft Netherlands, Ir. Eh. De Roo and Ir. G. Hendriks and van Bandoeng Gemeente party, headed by Col.. Pur. VL. Slors involving 2000 workers, 150 of them were a sculptor, or a tombstone carver bongpay and wood carver from Chinese nationals Konghu or Cantonese, assisted by masons, coolies and stir the waiter who came from the village population Sekeloa, small hole Dago village, Kampung Gandok and Kampung Cibarengkok, which they previously worked on Gedong shingles (ITB Campus) and Gedong flat (Bandung City Hall).
Gedung sate (ca.1920-28)

During the period of four years in September 1924 successfully completed the construction of the main building Gouverments Bedrijven parent, including the headquarters of PTT (Postal, Telephone and Telegraph and the Library.

Sate Building architecture is the work of architect Ir. J.Gerber and his group are not independent of the input maestro Peter Dr.Hendrik Dutch architect Berlage, that express the face of the traditional architecture of the archipelago.

Many among architects and building experts claim Gedung sate is a stunning elegant monumental buildings with unique architectural style architectural style leads to the form of Indo-European (Indo Europeeschen architectuur Stijl), so it is not impossible if the elegance of the Borobudur temple colored part Sate Building.
Tourism Indonesia Heaven on Earth

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Favorite Tourism Indonesia in Asia

Monday, April 2, 2012

Indonesia was ranked the third week of tourism visits category in Asia or the Go Asia Award 2012 in the International Tourism Exchange (Internationale Tourismus Borse / ITB), 7-11 March 2012 in Messegelande, Berlin. The first and second position is occupied Thailand and Singapore.

Minister of Tourism and the Creative Economy, Mari Elka Pangestu said Indonesia welcomed the positive achievements at the ITB Berlin this year. Let's say, this momentum must be maintained so that the target of 8 million tourist arrivals to Indonesia can be achieved.

"ITB Berlin is the right platform for the promotion of Indonesian tourism. From the results achieved this year, we will conduct an evaluation before determining the promotional strategy for the next year. Competition between countries and tourist destinations because it's getting tougher now we should be more careful and focused in Indonesia to promote competitive advantage, "said Mari, as reported by Reuters reporters Pingkan Elita Dundu of Berlin on Tuesday (13/03/2012).

Next year, obviously Mari, Indonesia will be the Official Partner Country ITB Berlin. "In order to achieve more optimal results, the preparation will be done from now," added Mari.

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Komodo National Park

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For those of you who like to travel, you definitely do not want to miss the impressive attractions throughout the archipelago. Adventure to the exotic is, dive into the azure, and bathed in sunshine will make your vacation unforgettable. Imagine, you also have the opportunity to see the traces of past life are preserved, whose role and maintain its sustainability. You and your family feel at home not only enjoy its natural attractions, but also proud to be part of the diverse beauty of Indonesia. And here, on the island of Komodo National Park, East Nusa Tenggara, you'll get it all.

Komodo Island is located at the westernmost tip of East Nusa Tenggara Province, which borders the province of West Nusa Tenggara. Precisely in the District of Komodo, West Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. Since 1980, an area of ​​1817 km2 National Park is made by the Government of Indonesia, which is then recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986. Together with two other large islands, the island of Rinca and Padar, Komodo Island and several smaller islands around it continues to be maintained as a habitat for native reptiles, dubbed the "Komodo Dragon" it.

Varanus komodoensis bears the Latin name and local name "Ora", giant lizards, according to a story first published in 1912 in a national daily Dutch East Indies. Peter A. Ouwens, director of the Zoological Museum at Bogor is a person who h been introduced to the world through his paper dragons that. Since then, expeditions and research on endangered species continue, even reportedly had inspired the film KingKong in 1933. Recognizing the need for protection against the dragon in the center of human activity in it's original habitat, in 1915 the Dutch government issued a ban on the hunting and killing dragons.

komodo Thanks to the efforts of government and local communities in conserving the National Park, tourists come to visit and is now a close look at the life of these ancient reptiles. With a body length of 2-3 meters, the Komodo dragon can weigh up to 70-100 pounds. Animals are like this place is hot and dry savanna habitat or living in tropical forests at low altitude. When night comes, dragons nest in holes in the 1-3 meter while maintaining body heat at night. As carnivores at the top of the food chain, prey Komodo include goats, deer, wild boar, and birds. In certain circumstances, can behave Komodo dragons prey on cannibalism with another. By relying on the sense of smell on his tongue, the Komodo dragon can smell carrion prey as far as 9 kilometers. And its bite can contain deadly bacteria, plus a sharp front claws are natural weapons. In addition, the dragons were able to run 20 kilometers per hour within a short distance, climb trees, swim and even dive.

Like most other reptiles, the Komodo dragon reproduce by laying eggs. However, research has shown there are other ways to regenerate the Komodo dragon, which is by parthenogenesis. This method allows the komodo females to produce eggs without fertilization by a male. Parthenogenetic dragons supposedly saved from extinction since thousands of years ago. However, habitat destruction, volcanoes, earthquakes, fires, poaching indicated to have resulted in a population of dragons to some degree vulnerable to extinction. It is estimated there are 4-5 thousand female Komodo dragon in the presence of a productive only in the hundreds. Such conditions is a challenge for the conservation of the island of Komodo National Park.

Enjoy a tour of Komodo Island National Park to observe the life of dragons up close may not be enough for you. For those of you who like water sports, you can try to dive in the waters north and south islands. Northern waters of the warm waters of the current meeting of the Banda Sea and Flores. Instead, offer water cooler southern waters of the ocean currents Indonesia. Combination of these two different aquatic character produces a rich underwater ecosystem. Various types of coral reefs flourish and become a place to live for so many species of fish and provider of marine aquatic life support systems. Many divers have to watch the underwater life of the charming island of Komodo waters, which hold immense potential for biodiversity.

As one of the flagship attractions Indonesia, Komodo Island hostels provide accommodation ranging from local communities to set up an international resort. For domestic tourists, you are charged entrance fee of Rp. 75,000, while foreign tourists amounted to U.S. $ 15. To reach the island of Komodo, you can route the plane from Kupang (capital of East Nusa Tenggara-NTT) to the town of Ende on Flores Island. Next we proceed by minibus to Labuhanbajo which takes 10 hours. Of Labuhanbajo, speedboat will take you to the island of Komodo after a crossing for 2 hours. Several other routes you can take a flight from Bali corresponding airline that serves the purpose to NTT. A variety of tour packages offered by travel agents it's quite interesting to try for the first time you came to this island of Komodo.

Eco-tourism, announced the government on the island of Komodo National Park is expected to bring more domestic tourists / foreigners. Not only parents, even though children should not be afraid to come and visit there. With safety regulations and tour are awake, humans and dragons co-exist peacefully. And like children, their love of dragons are the seeds that can grow their love of the wealth of the country and its history. It seems that this is the first message in the 90's ever sung nicely by Kak Seto Si Komo through her dolls. Through the character of Si Komo, Kak Seto bring conservation messages to the hearts and minds Komodo Indonesia's children, so they are proud of the wealth of his country.

Komodo_7WondersJika Thus, it is very decent presumably Komodo Island National Park was named one of the 7 Wonders of Nature (7 Wonders Of Nature), coupled with a variety of other amazing wonders of the world. Traces the life of the ancient world, has presented himself to the man today to reflect the past history of the world to see. Life that has passed hundreds, even thousands of years. Through this Komodo Island National Park, the world today has a priceless heritage to be preserved. Let's support the Komodo Island National Park became one of the 7 Wonders of Nature. Thus, you have participated in the effort to introduce Komodo Island National Park to the world, so that conservation efforts are not only a concern of Indonesia, but the entire world community. Vote Komodo Island National Park for 7 Wonders of Nature.

So, have you decided on a family vacation destination this time? Of course, the answer Komodo Island National Park. Only one in the world. Only in Indonesia.

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Bandung - Parijs Van Java

Bandung is the largest metropolitan city in West Java at once became the capital of the province. The town is located 140 km southeast of Jakarta, and is the third largest city in Indonesia after Jakarta and Surabaya. While in Bandung Raya is the second largest metropolitan area in Indonesia after the Greater Jakarta. In this historic town, established a technical college in Indonesia (Technische Hoogeschool, now ITB) [2], the scene of battle in time of Independence, and had been a venue for the Asian-African Conference 1955, a meeting that voiced the spirit of anti-colonialism , even the Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru in his speech said that Bandung is the capital of Asia and Africa.

In 1990 the city became one of the safest cities in the world by Time magazine survey.

The city flower is another name for this city, and formerly known as the Parijs van Java. In addition, the city of Bandung is also known as the town shopping, with malls and factory outlets widely spread in the city. And in 2007, the British Council makes the city of Bandung as a pilot project terkreatif town as East Asia. Today, the city of Bandung is one of the main destinations of tourism and education.

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Appeasing a God

The Tengger tribe's most important celebration, Yadnya Kasada, commenced smoothly and without incident at the increasingly active Mount Bromo in Probolinggo, East Java.

Thousands of Tengger tribespeople, along with domestic and foreign tourists who had come to witness the annual fes­tival, gathered on Sept. 7 for the ritual procession up the mountain.

The Tengger are believed to be descendants of a 15th-cen­tury princess of the declining Majapahit kingdom, Roro Anteng, and her husband Joko Seger, who fled to eastern Java's Tengger mountains. According to legend, the childless couple climbed the volcano and prayed to Bromo's god, who granted their wish for children on condition that they would sacrifice their youngest to its crater.

This year's Kasada was colored by the heightened alert sta­tus of Mt. Bromo, from Level 2 (Code Yellow) to Level 3 (Code Orange). With a possible eruption hanging over the festivities, the start of Kasada was delayed several hours as the Tengger people prayed to calm the sacred volcano - but without any visible effect.

An eruption is taken as a sign that the god is very angry. "It is our hope that nothing untoward will occur during this Kasada," said a festival participant.

And this hope was fulfilled as the ritual procession made its way across the desert plain - the Sand Sea - surround­ing Bromo and up through the cloud-covered, chilly heights to its peak.

There, Tengger shamans prayed as others amassed the offerings they had carried up the volcano's slopes, then released them into the gaping crater. (The Jakarta Post, Sunday, September 24, 2006, pg. 20)

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